Hello, everyone. Need some advice. My man and I have been together for 5 months, with me he is in his first serious relationship since his divorce.

Divorced 3 years ago, his wife left after 15 years of marriage. He is 39 years old I am 32.

He is a horoscope scorpio and often slips that he would really like to get back at her somehow, that he has not forgotten the hard feelings, etc.

Yesterday we were at a friends birthday party, he had a drink. At night he hugged me tightly and said her name (ex-wife) several times. I pretended not to hear. But I did not sleep half the night, and very offended. I wanted to tell you in the morning, but I held back.

I will read your advice and think about it. He is faithful, I can see that he loves me, I feel it. But what to do? It turns out he still has it in his subconscious?