I was dating a man, he was 27 years old and I was 25. According to him, he was single.

We went to restaurants in the evenings, he treated me, gave me gifts, provided for me. We also met at my apartment at night and "had fun."

And then, in the middle of it, I hear a knock on the door. The man asked me not to open the door. But I still went to see, I only put on a robe, the delivery guy was supposed to come with the products - I thought it was him.

And then I opened the door, and his wife was standing there. She said: "Is Slavik here?" And without waiting for an answer, she proceeded to my room and found "Slavik" naked. The screaming was unbearable. A scandal. I, of course, threw them out of the apartment. During the scandal she said she had tracked him via GPS, installing some program on his phone.

Then I cried. He betrayed me, I thought he wasn't married. The next day I get a text from him saying, "You ruined our family. I loved my wife. Now she's filing for divorce and taking the baby for herself! Burn in ***!"

I don't even know what to say. He's got a kid, too. So I ruined a happy family with a child. All because of me.

Is there any way to make it up to him? I don't even know. I feel bad about what I did. I need your advice on something.