Good night, everyone. I want to tell you about my situation. Six months ago I met a man, we started a relationship. We have strong feelings for each other, constantly attracted.

But here is such a situation, I had a health problem, I need surgery quickly, severe pain.

I want to do it in a private clinic at a good proven doctor with great experience.

The operation costs 1000 and a little dollars. It is not a very big sum for me, but I recently bought an apartment, made repairs and did not have time to put something aside. I borrow half of the sum from my relatives. The man promised that he would help me and give me another half, so that I would do everything and not worry.

I agreed to the surgery at the clinic. However, now he brought up the topic that it is better to do the operation in a state clinic, it is cheaper there and you can even do it for free. I don't see the point in it and I don't want to get on his nerves. I think he just doesn't want to help me. I think to tell him that I will solve the issue myself and I do not need anything. But I realize that in this case there is no point in marrying him, because there will be no trust in him. What do you think about this situation and what is the best thing to do?