I met a girl, she is beautiful. Communicates easily. She is 25, I am 29.

I have never been married, she has been married and several civil marriages. She has three children. Two from her first marriage and one from a civil marriage.

Doesn't work, lives in a three bedroom apartment with her mom, brother and stepdad on welfare and alimony.

First got pregnant at 16 and from that did not finish school, gave birth and 2 months later, got pregnant again, miscarried, then 3 months later, got pregnant again and gave birth to her second child.

Before my husband, I dated his best friend and he was even at their wedding. She parted with her husband because he spent a lot of time partying and abusing. She says she didn't love him at all and was forced to live with him and ended up cheating on him.

I don't know how much sense it makes, but she keeps in touch with all of her ex-boyfriends and lovers.

Ended up counting 8 ex-boyfriends that were under 16, the boys were older.