Girls, would you marry an attractive-looking man with a strong passion, who confesses his love for you, but who says nothing about anything in life?

Nature has gifted him with a height under 190, an athletic figure, healthy, thick hair, his breath is always fresh, green eyes are very beautiful. The voice is exciting, low, calm. I think he is handsome, pleasant to communicate with, he does not want to go to bed, the girls themselves show the initiative.

But in his 31 years he does not work, he lives with his mother, then his girlfriends, female admirers podkryvayut, money. Before that, he lived as an alphonse to a single mother.

He sometimes earns extra money just to earn bread, but because of his conflict character he cannot get along in any team, in general he can only seduce women with his appearance and flattery, and so he rarely finds common language with people.

She is a bit of a sourpuss, blaming her parents and the cruel world for all her misfortunes. Now he wants to marry me because I made it clear that I will not live with a man without marriage.

She wants to live in my apartment, promises to find a job when she gets out of depression. He promises to break up with his girlfriends, saying they are stupid and he spends time with them out of boredom. He is handsome but lives like in a cowshed.

There is much more to write, I became attached to him, but I do not even know. Advise me how to be?