The problem is this. I started a relationship with my boyfriend not so long ago.

We don't live together, we don't have a common budget, and in principle from him any financial support, as well as all sorts of courting that require financial investment. Basically, I didn't need it.

But from time to time I hear from him: "please buy some vegetables", "go to the pharmacy, buy me medicine", "buy me cigarettes". Recently there was a case where he wrote that he wanted to eat, with a clear hint in the expectation that I would decide this issue. Of course, I was embarrassed strongly, but the money for the delivery still gave.

Principles took second place, because the thought that the man would remain hungry tortured me.

And this is not the story of "take the money in my purse, buy" or "please buy me medicine, and I'll transfer it to you when the paycheck comes.

It's the "when I need it and you go buy it yourself with your own money and bring it to me" story. There's no talk of it ever being repaid.

Even though he has a job, has his own hands and feet, and is not limited in his ability to go out and buy on his own.

Every day his requests grow and my paycheck does not. It's food, things, and medicine. And I humanly, without any thought of course I help.

That said, I've never heard this man ask questions like "do you have anything to fill up on?", "can I bring you food to work?", "do you have enough for your expenses?"

It's not a question of me being miserable. Or that I'm all mercenary.

The question is different. I've never had to deal with it. And for myself, the subject of money (especially in the early stages of a relationship) is a very sensitive one. I am ashamed to be paid for in a cafe, and I am even more ashamed to ask for something.