I believe that my husband is the closest person to me. Personally for me it is so. There is no one in the world closer and dearer than him. I don't understand people who get married and divorce, their right, of course, but I can't imagine life without the person I love.

No, I'm not 18 years old, I'm not a naive fool who just fell in love with a boy. We have been through a lot together with my husband, and we are even closer than we were before we got married. The problems that happened in the family only convinced us that we made the right choice. I clearly understand that, for example, losing my husband would be even more painful for me than losing my own mother.

It would seem that 15 years ago we did not even know each other's existence, and now he is my whole world. My friend is amazed at my views. For her, her husband is the last person. The main thing is to put yourself first in a relationship, otherwise you can be left with nothing.

Why does my friend pry into my soul, trying to set her own rules there? She's teaching me about life and how to deal with men. Doesn't she care who the closest person to me is? She says she's afraid my husband will leave me for someone else and then my world will fall apart. Why would she try to change my mind and give me fears? People have forgotten how to trust each other.