My husband and I are not ordinary people. He has his sleeves, his back completely stuffed, and also his left shin. He recently stuffed my name under his heart.)) That's really, really sweet. I'm insanely touched.

This whole thing is a very drastic move, of course you can get a tattoo down under the interruption, but since it's a hassle, it's understandable that the man got a tattoo thinking we'll always be together))

I have more space on my body, lots of tattoos on my arms, back, more hands, right foot, plus from my left rib to mid-thigh tattoo.

My husband asked: are you ready to get a tattoo as a sign of our love? Or aren't you sure we'll always be together?

Honestly, I really want us to be together forever, but I understand that anything can happen in life. How can you be sure? Who knows in 10 years what's going to happen? So I'm not ready.

I said I would, but not now. Said that I now can not skip training (when you do tattoo, while walking with a tape can not do sports, because the sweat can negatively affect the healing of the picture).

But this is an excuse. It's just that if I tell it like it is, it would be tantamount to saying: I don't love. or not sure about our feelings. And he's already done to the same thing. Honestly, I'd be terribly upset if I were him.