My husband has a daughter from his first marriage who is 10 years old. When we were dating, she would come to his house on weekends and I would go to my house because he wouldn't introduce me to her because he said he wasn't ready yet.

Then we started living together and naturally the girl got to know me.

We lived in my husband's 1 bedroom apartment, she came from Friday to Sunday. On weekends my husband and I could not spend time together.

Constantly yelling and screaming from his daughter, she is too spoiled and lazy girl. My husband always slept with her on the couch and I slept alone. It got to the point where she would sass me when I was pregnant and my husband would stick up for her. I ended up going to live with my parents. My husband is trying to get her back. But we already have a child together, and I'm raising him alone. Because I can't and don't want to go back to that life. I tried to accept his daughter, but she is always rude, etc.

He is dead set against seeing her on neutral territory.

⠀ Now my husband has a two-room apartment, (his), he registered his daughter there, because the wife yelled and insisted on registering her. Our son refused to register, I registered him with his parents. This apartment will be given to his daughter, he said, because she is growing up without a father!

She comes to see him almost every weekend. In addition to a lot of child support for his daughter and the daughter from his first marriage to his BG!!!! He left them a summer house, helped buy BJ's car.

Doesn't help our child, doesn't spend time with him. Doesn't want to come to my house to see my kid. Doesn't want to register him. And my daughter will come home all the time on weekends, whether I like it or not.

I don't know what to do, whether it makes sense to put up with it and live with it all (I'm only 28), or there is no point, only to spoil the psyche of our little son with these scandals. He is just obsessed with his daughter. I do not know how to be and what to do. I need advice.