Six months ago I found out that my husband was walking around.
He started snapping often, at me and the children, we have been together for 10 years, we have two children. At first there were suspicions, I was late getting home from work and the smell of women's perfume.

Then my back was covered with scratches and hickeys on my body. Then he told me directly that he did not love me, he loved someone else and that only his children were keeping him. He said he would leave as soon as he finished the house.

⠀ I found and *them photo of her in his phone, and then their joint, found it on the Internet, it is all typical:

  • gym, strip plastics, salons, and two children, as I found out later, her husband died (by the way, we happened to be the same year as her).

    My husband was away for a long time, he did not answer the phone. I went to his office and she calmly asked who was there: who are you?

    I shouted that he was his wife and we had two children and I ran into her. My husband separated her and she calmly turned around and walked away.

    My husband packed up his things when he got home and left. He didn't come back until three or four days later.

    ⠀ Once got into his phone and saw that SHE was the one who had blocked him everywhere and he was trying to reach her from time to time.

    I found her social media and wanted to know why he was back and my surprise - she had me blocked everywhere too. Then I found out almost immediately she left for another city.

    Did he come back just because she didn't accept him, or did he not tell her he was married? What do you think, should I create a second account and clear things up?