We met a man. He is 35 years old. Unmarried, no children. He had been in a relationship before, of course.

And so from the first meeting he mentioned that relationship. He went back to that relationship many times. Then she found someone else. He lives with his mother now.

He doesn't make a lot of money. So on another date, he states that he has a $3,000 loan. And he borrowed that money from his ex-girlfriend. That's the one. I'm just emotionally overwhelmed with everything.

He's calling me to live. Marriage. He says he loves me. But what is there to live on? Plus, I'm tormented by the idea that he loves her.

He's not bad as a man, but how can I live with that? What's your advice?

A month before I said that I was going to the sea and come with me. He said there was no money. Fly. It turns out that for me there is no money, for her there was.