It's sharp. I feel there will be a lot of slippers. Anyway, I gave birth when I was 24, we were going to get married, lived together, wanted a baby.

But I split up with a man, I was very disappointed in him, when we lived together, I left before I knew I was pregnant. I found out and told him, but I didn't want to go back. He is not involved in the child's life, we do not communicate, we do not help. Neither do his parents.

It's been a year and a half. I didn't think about men/relationships the whole time + 9 months pregnant of course. But it so happened that something clicked in me recently, a man met me and I wanted a relationship, to feel like a young girl again, and not a single mother, pulling everything on her hump.

I wanted some kind of freedom, for example, to go out till night, romance, lightness, dates, maybe even to stay overnight at a man's place, now I can't do it because of the baby. I have not succeeded with my man, but these thoughts have not disappeared, I still want to be in love, to have a feeling of flying.

The baby is at my mom's house more often now, and I realize that I don't even miss him, I used to call a hundred times a day asking how he was, what he was doing, etc. And now I don't even want to, I just sometimes even forget that I have him.

When I go out with a girlfriend, I do not think I have to hurry home, for example, I can walk around quietly, get acquainted, but immediately say that I have a child on the fly, many of them disappear without even talking to each other.

In general, I do not know, I feel that he hinders me, that I want to do something else, focus on my career, but with the little guy does not work, not willing to take a job.

Already almost 3 years thrown away, the best years, youth count, 9 months pregnant +1, 5 years baby. I want to live, but it's like he's stopping me. I began to think, maybe it can give his father and say molly I am still young and want to build a personal life, bring up yourself. In general, advise something what, scold, throw thumbtacks ...