We're getting married to a guy. My parents said they will not sponsor the event. It's our decision and they won't pay for our banquet or feed multiple guests.

I also think that since it's our decision, we should pay for it ourselves.

Especially I don't want to invite a lot of guests, only close friends and a few relatives with whom we are in close contact.

The only thing is that my mom said that I can choose any dress and she and my dad will buy it for me, after all, I am the only daughter.

My husband's parents are the complete opposite of mine. They say they need a banquet, with a lot of relatives, half of whom I don't even know. And they say my parents have to contribute equally.

We've been arguing for weeks. My husband-to-be supports my position. We don't want to get into debt.

His parents are in a posture - either we make a good banquet (for 500 by their calculations) in the fold or they will not come. They condemn my parents that they do not want to give money.

So here's how to be? Everyone, for a simple event, except them. We say, well, okay, if you want so much, okay, let's make a big banquet, you want to pay. But they say we'll only pay in half. Can you give me some advice? How to solve the situation so that everyone is happy?