My husband's ex-wife created a family group, added my husband, former in-laws, and thousands of photos of exes and new kids, new and former husbands, photos of their joint gatherings and holidays.

Okay, our baby is not in there, but photos of the old wife's new kids my husband is looking at.

⠀ I used to think my husband was normal, but now I doubt his adequacy.

His son from his ex is 16 and is able to send his dad pictures himself, but my husband keeps track of the whole zoo in a shared group and my in-laws are there as well.

I want a divorce already, I want my husband to be interested only in our family, not in my ex-wife's living-room routine.

Is my husband the only one who is like that?

What would you do if your husband was like mine? Would you let him sit in that zoo?